Astha Kunj Society is born out of belief (Astha) “focus on positives and the negatives will disappear” with deep conviction that “together we can” meet any challenge, though insurmountable it may seem and together we can create a more prosperous, harmonious and equitable society.

Based on our Belief the Founder Member Sh. Ajit Kumar Singh started his journey to serve the mankind since in 1990’s. Whenever and wherever there was a need to serve the society he was there.

Formally in 2020 , he got his NGO registered in the name of Astha Kunj Society and then along with the respective six members along with the CEO started the journey to serve the society in larger way. Since Covid times began in March'2020, the team served the society during Covid times in various ways.

Our main goal is to build a prosperous, healthy, and peace-loving society. The basic requirements of ROTI, KAPRA, AND MAKAAN for a person should be made readily available in order to build a vibrant society.
Keeping this objective in mind, we participate in Eradicating Hunger, providing Nutritional Food, Empowering Women by providing resources for their livelihood, guiding the society on various government schemes, providing Menstrual Hygiene and Health Care, providing environmental awareness programs, as well as Free Legal Aid

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Our President
Mr. J.B Anand
Our Secretary (Founder Member)
Mr. Ajit Kumar Singh
Mrs. Laxmi Singh
Other Members

Mr. Kashinath Gupta

Mr. S. N Pandey

Mr. Jai Kumar

Mr. Laxman Singh

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